Hospitality Industry in Turkey

Published: 15th June 2007
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Hospitality industry is one of the leading industries in the world; it contributes to prosperity creation and further financial development of a country. It covers hotel, resort, and restaurant industries. These service businesses are highly mutually dependent: increase in tourism will ultimately lead to improvement of resort, restaurant, and hotel industries -that is just the case of Turkey. In this land, tourism developed to become one of the first 20 trendiest destinations. Researchers have identified numerous reasons for the quick growth of hospitality industry all through 1990s and the most convincing one is an insistent promotional operation undertaken by this country to showing magnetism to its key foundation markets, which are located for the most part in Europe.

Tourism and the whole hospitality industry are the major service industries in Turkey, and that means that the influence on wealth of the country is multidimensional. Tourism developed to become a very important strategic building block in Turkish economy.

Turkish hospitality industry has an effect on economy in the following ways: both part time and full time employment occupations in the service business including hotels, shopping, restaurants, and internal transportation. Airlines of Turkey now cover more than a hundred destinations including airports in Ankara, Istanbul, and Antalya being the key strategic points. As a result of large work takings, hospitality industry at the same time creates a center of attention of foreign less skilled employees. Visitors add up to wealth of every corner of Turkish economy - food service, sports, and cultural events.

Because of high interaction of factors of economy as a general, it is not easy to determine characteristics that influence economy the most. With the lower unemployment rates and increase of employment, increases consumer spending; this gives an additional further push up to trade and industry development. Turkish economy is progressively shifting from manufacturing to service based. Enlargement of hospitality industry also supports all features of regional life and encourages economic activity. Hospitality business also produces additional profits for local districts, which further promotes complete economic development. Tourist expenditures and growing country popularization catches the attention of even more guests in the long, that continues to supply Turkish economy. Hospitality industry stays a key strategic part.

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